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Wedding Timelines?! Ugh 😩 Let me help you!

Soooooo, this is the worst part of wedding day planning. I totally get it. It's exhausting. You're afraid of being too busy, you're afraid of not being able to enjoy your wedding day, you're afraid you're going to miss something... it is TERRIFYING! Well, I'm here to help 🤗

First off, if you haven't visited BRIDES you definitely should. They are an EXCELLENT RESOURCE! In fact, they took all the hard work out of figuring out your timeline for you: THE BEST TIMELINE FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY. Here are a couple other blogs to check out while you're looking:

Hopefully you find some of those links to be helpful!


If you're looking for real life recommendations, here are a few from past clients of my own you can reference:


This wedding timeline was pretty easy-going. I didn't really feel rushed, I had time to do extensive Details shots and even had a few moments throughout the day to relax. They even travelled off-site for photos!


Day of Itinerary

4:00 Ceremony to start ( guys walk down)

4:05 Bridemaids to walk down

Ceremony to follow

4:30 cocktail hour to start in venue

4:30-5:50 Pictures

5:50 Bride and Groom eat

6:00 Reception starts and people are asked to sit down

6:10 Bridal Party enter and then straight into first dance

6:20 dinner to start

6:45/ 6:50ish Bridal Party Speeches

7:05ish or after speeches end: Family Dances( father daughter, mother son, step mom and son)

Dancing to follow until 8

8:00-8:05 Cake cutting

8:10 Sparklers outside

8:25 Bouquet toss

8:30/8:35 Dollar Dance

Dancing to follow

10:15 Last call for drinks

10:40ish Last song

This was another GREAT itinerary for the day. No rushing around and pleeeeeenty of time for photos!


This timeline would have easily made it into my TOP FAVS but it ended up pouring rain 😭 I'm talking torrential downpour type rain! Another great reason to check out an AFTER SESSION 😉


Another wonderful use of time!


So, as you can see you have a ton of options and guidance! I hope you find something that works for you and if you ever have questions, please ask me! The two best people to ask timeline guidance of is your Photographer and the DJ! Chances are we've done a wedding or 50 (or more!!!!) and we know what works!


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