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After Sessions--What are they + why they are important

After Sessions are just that--after the Wedding! An after session enables you to have a set date following your wedding day (sometimes the day after, sometimes a week or so after, it's up to you!) for you and your partner to take your portraits, together, in peace! No wedding day coordinator to rush us around, no family butting in, no one to gawk and stare at your uncomfortably, no timelines to abide to. Just you, your partner and ME, your amazing photographer! Throw your wedding clothes back on, do some hair and make-up and let's go adventuring.

Another reason an after session may be right for you is in the event of bad weather on your wedding day. We cannot control the weather and the last thing you want is rained out photos and to be forced indoors, ugh! And let's face it, sometimes venues can be beautiful inside and on the outside, but around the outside, not so much. This is when an after session would again be a great advantage. Escape to a place much more beautiful, landscapes only dreams could conjure up. This will enable you to capture the images you crave and will want to look at for the rest of your lives!

Ask about adding an After Session when booking!

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