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Bold + Vibrant, Beautiful + Emotive Memories--Your Guide to Storytelling + Styling for your Session

If you like my art, that means you love color. You love BOLD + VIBRANT. You love to stand out. Guess what?--I'm here for it!

All photographers have a "style". They have a method to the way they capture a story and they also have their own aesthetic. Every step of the process, from the moment our cameras are removed from their bags, clipped to our harnesses and the lens cap is removed, is OURS. No two photographers are the same, just as no two artists are the same and no two people are the same.

In 2022, I began experimenting with new editing styles, methods and colors. I started making a shift that would ultimately lead me into paying HUNDREDS of dollars for a mentorship with a like Bold + Colorful Photographer. Since that mentorship, I've vowed to make every session count in every possible way, all the way down to the wardrobes my clients choose for their sessions with me.

In order to achieve BOLD + VIBRANT, one must wear BOLD + VIBRANT colors to their session. I mean, we can totally do wonders during the editing process but if you wear all black, the color is still going to be black when the gallery is delivered. However, imagine if you wear a RUST ORANGE. To our eye it is just a beautiful color. During the editing process, however, that RUST ORANGE is what is going to draw your eyes attention. We want all eyes on our subjects in our images. This is the base of achieving bold + vibrant masterpieces.

The next tidbit is stepping out of the normal "Portrait Photography". This isn't Olan Mills or Sears. It isn't Portrait Innovations. No. Instead, what we hope to capture behind every session is a story. We want emotive, we want bold, we want to capture a memory EXACTLY how it happened. We want to remember our childs beautiful hazel brown and green eyes and want the photo to reflect their beauty. We want to capture the innocence, their willful minds and beautiful curiosity. Being posed in true Step Brothers fashion is NOT the way to capture these beautiful memories.

Enter Storytelling! Instead of preparing to come to a photoshoot where your photographer (me!, heeeeeey!) poses you, imagine it this way: you're going on an adventure, you're going out to explore a new place and you're going to create memories with your family. It's THAT SIMPLE! No more dreaded "another photoshoot?" It'll be just as if you were taking your family to the playground except the playground is dirt, rocks, water, sand, rain, wind, trails and hills. The playground is NATURE.

So! Now that you understand what you're signing up for with me, I want to give you some style advice. The photos at the beginning of this article are samples from my most recent sessions. These were edited utilizing the Bold + Vibrant methods. I didn't offer style guidance for anyone but because these tend to be utilized for Holiday Cards/Save the Date Cards, the families and couples dressed up and coordinated well, as to compliment one another. Coordinating is a MUST but MATCHING is a disaster. Trust me, my grandma wears outfits coloring her head-to-toe in one prominent color and there has been a time or two where she may or may not have resembled a Blueberry 🤭 Side note: I love my grandma very very much! ❤️

"But Kristina, this makes no sense!" I hear you, I do. But hear me out! Imagine this: you just purchased your dream home and every room is painted white. There is NO COLOR whatsoever. Usually our first project becomes paint. We go to the store and pick out potential palettes of colors that coordinate and compliment one another. We also choose a color to tie all the other colors together (usually white but get rid of that please!). This is exactly what you are going to do to prepare for your session with me!

Hint: Pinterest is an excellent resource 😉

Remember how I told you to get rid of WHITE? Yes, white is out. White blends with the background, usually the sky, way too much and is too harsh. Instead, compliment your colors by having LIGHT CREAM tones on one or two of your party! It is such a beautiful and simple tone, very neutral and nice.

Now on to WHAT TO WEAR. I absolutely LOVE dresses. Dresses and flowy wardrobes make for beautiful MOVEMENT captures, especially on windy days. Aside from dresses, leggings, oversized sweaters, LAYERED LOOKS, denim and leather are all awesome options. Just make sure you're mindful of how you're tying everything in together. Again, Pinterest to the rescue here (note, when in doubt, Pinterest it! ❤️).

Where do I buy such wonderful outfits? One word: AMAZON, of course. However, some other wonderful options include the following:

Last bit, I promise. Time of day for your photoshoot is also important. You have two options for times, early morning or late evening. Obviously we've all heard the term "Golden Hour", especially if you've had a photo session in the past. This "hour" is not technically a full hour and that is why I prefer to start our session 10 minutes prior to and work into "Blue Hour" for about 10-15 minutes. Golden hour is wonderful, even lighting and compliments skin tones whereas Blue hour is darker, moodier and compliments bold colors in an unimaginable way. When you book with me, we will work within these timeframes.

We've reached the end of the guide. I hope you find this information helpful. I also hope that it gives you some insight as to the direction that sixacresphotography is headed. We want to change the everyday photography world and see it for all the beauty it is and can be. If you are a weather warrior, we can make some amazing memories in the rain and wind too but do not fret, if weather is an issue, we can and will reschedule!

If you have questions, please let me know! ❤️


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